Lexington man charged with stalking woman

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) - A Lexington man was arrested and charged with stalking on Sept. 24.

Cameron Hunter Leech was arrested after allegedly harassing a Lexington woman for months.

According to his arrest citation, between May and September of this year, Leech continued to try to contact the victim both online and in person.

According to police, he sent her hundreds of messages on Instagram and Facebook, despite being told by the victim that she was not interested.

The messages sent by Leech included, "I'm gonna getcha", "i need to see you. I need to feel you.", "Have the face to face. Unannounced.", "I can find whatever and whoever I need to," and "halfway tempted to sock ya right in the kisser".

Leech showed up at the victim's place of employment in June and confronted her. He then showed up at one of the victim's friend's place of employment, hoping the victim would come see her friend.

At this point, police were notified and an officer told Leech to stop contacting the victim.

But in July, Leech confronted the victim outside the Lexington Athletic Club, stepping in between her car door so she couldn't close it. The arrest citation said he told her he would leave her alone if she took a photograph of a rose he was holding.

The victim filed a stalking report and a restraining order the next day, which was served.

Leech would then violate the protective order twice by sending the woman Instagram messages in August.

He is currently in the Fayette County Detention Center awaiting a court date.

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