LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – More than 9,000 new COVID cases were reported statewide Thursday, Jan. 13, while 2,100 Kentuckians were hospitalized with the virus. The Lexington Fayette County Health Department reported nearly 900 new cases this week.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said more than 80% of people in Lexington hospitals with COVID are unvaccinated. Gorton said the indoor mask mandate for government buildings will remain in place, but she encourages others to do their part as well.

“I would encourage businesses to ask people to wear a mask when they come inside and that is fully within their purview. I know a lot of people are getting frustrated, a lot of people in the community are tired of this but it’s not over yet so we’ve got to just keep staying strong,” said Gorton.

Gorton also said the best line of defense is getting vaccinated. For a list of vaccination locations, visit the Lexington Fayette County Health Departments’ website.