Lexington neighbors fight to help sick fox


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – A new resident seems to have moved into Lexington’s Tuscany Subdivision.

“It was my first time seeing him or her. It was in my neighbor’s mulch yesterday and allowed me to get fairly close then ran into the street in front of a truck,” said Mary Karen Stumbo.

Just looking at the video, it’s clear the fox is very ill. Something extremely alarming for Mary Karen Stumbo and her neighbors.

“He’s clearly emaciated, very sick and needs help. He’s clearly got mange. And other neighbors have seen him over the course of the Spring and Summer.”

While they’re being careful not to get too close, they have set up traps through the neighborhood. If and when they can catch the fox, the nonprofit Kentucky Wildlife Center has offered to get him medical attention.

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“You know, they don’t call them crazy like a fox for nothing. He’s clearly very intelligent. But he’s very hungry, so hopefully he will make his way into the traps.”

And into safety. But this sick fox is one of dozens reported around the city this summer season.

“When I called animal control, they know of at least 20 in Lexington right now, they have severe mange. It’s getting into the coyote population. He’s even seen groundhogs with it.”

Stumbo is of course worried for the safety of her own four dogs. But said more than anything, she just wants to see the fox gets the help it needs.

“I don’t want to see him put down. You can clearly tell that if he doesn’t get help soon, that would be the most humane thing and nobody wants that.”

Now neighbors will wait to see if the traps work.

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Lexington Animal Care and Control tell us they’ve received hundreds of calls about mangy foxes in the past year.

They said they typically aren’t successful in trapping foxes, so they won’t be setting traps here.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife are responsible for tracking diseases in animals.

Stumbo said she had not had any luck from professionals Fish and Wildlife told her to reach out to to try and help the neighbors trap the fox.

Now they are left to do so on their own, with help from the Wildlife Center to treat the fox.

The Wildlife Center is a nonproft and always looking for donations, which Stumbo hopes to do when they can trap the fox.

Learn how you can help the center at the link here.

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