Lexington parents have mixed reactions to new CDC school recommendations


We talked to parents at Jacobson Park just moments after the CDC announced their recommendations.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The CDC is issuing new recommendations as cases of COVID-19 surge across the country.

Health leaders say everyone, including fully vaccinated Americans, should wear masks in parts of the country where there is the highest rate of transmission.

The CDC also issued recommendations for schools, saying districts should require universal masking.

That means everyone inside the schools should wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status. Classrooms should also have prevention strategies in place to prevent the spread.

The guidance follows similar recommendations made yesterday by Gov. Beshear.

On Tuesday, there was a bit of mixed reaction to the mask recommendations, especially universal masking for school.

We talked to parents at Jacobson Park just moments after the CDC announced their recommendations.

One mom said she’s okay with these recommendations because she doesn’t want to worry about her son, who is just five, when he starts school. Another mom told us she thinks at this point it should be a parent’s choice, saying she worries about the mental aspect of kids wearing a mask.

“I actually don’t have a problem with it. I’m fully vaccinated but I still wear my mask because I want my son to wear his mask. He doesn’t have a problem wearing a mask so I’m totally fine. But I know if other children won’t he won’t wear his,” Chandra Bell said.

“I’m not for the kids masking. I think personally mentally it’s not really that great and socially I think that seeing the face is very important for their peers and their teachers,” Sabrina Gaspar said.

Again, these are only recommendations at this point. Many districts haven’t made a final decision yet.

According to the CDC, much of Kentucky is considered in the substantial or high transmission level.

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