LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Parents are desperate to find food, calling it a health crisis.

“There are some days you cannot get it off Amazon or target even if you order it. Last night, I placed my click list order for Kroger and they said they had it in stock this morning and they sent a notification and said they do not have it in stock,” said Stephanie Spires.

Spires is a mother of five. The youngest is 7 months old. She said her search for formula has become a growing concern.

“I actually got COVID and COVID tanked my supply, and he hit a growth spurt and we had to start using more and more formula and it has been incredibly difficult to find,” said Spires.

The FDA released a statement addressing the issue saying it continues to take several significant actions to help increase the current supply of infant formula in the U.S.

Our Chief Medical Contributor, Dr. Ryan Stanton, said about 40% of the most common formulas are out of stock but advises parents to be careful substituting.

“Do not make your own formula, and do not water down current formula. This can be very dangerous, the nutritional value, electrolytes, calories those types of things in these formula’s are made specificially for the child,” said Stanton.