LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — It is called a flock security system. Lexington Police Department said the license plate reader will be another string to their bow they will use to solve crime.

“Obviously, we need help in solving all crime and our most important asset is our community to actually call us and give us information we have seen a decline in that recently in the last year and this is just another tool in the toolbox,” said Lieutenant Greathouse.

Lexington police department will be betting on a license-plate read technology to help solve crimes. The flock safety cameras, police said will help the department become reactive towards crimes.

“We looked at our statistics of where we have seen a large influx of crime, where we have seen a sustained crime rate and those have been spread out throughout the entire city, no one area is getting an abundance of cameras right now,” said Greathouse.

Not only will this help solve crimes. Greathouse said if there is a child missing his department will send vehicles to the location.

“For instance, if there was an amber alert, that either came from our community or another one or a potential golden alert that somebody may or may not be associated with a vehicle that information will automatically be uploaded,” said Greathouse.

“See something, say something,” Lexington police said they are still looking for answers from the community to help them in any way they can.

“If you do not think you hold an intracule piece of evidence you never know. It really could honestly be just a small piece of puzzle that could put an entire puzzle of a major crime,” said Greathouse.