Lexington police report over a thousand car thefts in the city this year



LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – It only takes second for a thief to check if a car is unlocked. Lexington police tell us up through November of this year, they’ve taken reports on 1,760 thefts from vehicles.

“We don’t want anybody to be a victim of any kind of crime, especially a crime that’s preventable,” said Lt. Joe Anderson. “If you just take an extra few seconds and think about it.”

In some of those cases, windows were shattered after valuables were left in plain sight.

“If they can tell there’s a coat or something that’s probably covering up something of value, they may try to pry the door, but what they end up doing is breaking a window and they’re in the car,” Lt. Anderson said.

And some of those thefts lead to other crimes. Police tell us 334 firearms were stolen from cars in Lexington during that period, and less than five percent have been located.

“The guns are obviously a huge deal. There’s so many guns out there and we really try to preach gun safety in our homes. But in the vehicle, it just tends to get kind of left behind,” Lt. Anderson said.

Lt. Anderson says it’s important to develop a habit of making sure your vehicle is locked and no valuables are in sight, or preferably not in the car at all.

He also says where you park can make a difference.

“Park defensively. What I mean by that is park close to your home. Whether it’s a porch light, or a driveway light that can illuminate your vehicle. Make it less likely for somebody to feel like they’ve got the cover of darkness to work under,” Lt. Anderson said.

Lt. Anderson said they’ve also seen a lot of vehicles stolen because they were running with no one inside. He said it’s not a good idea to warm it up unless you’re staying with your car.

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