LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Multiple roads in the Lexington area are receiving a much-needed repair job.

The city waited for winter weather to break to open hot asphalt plants last week and assess which roads to tackle first.

Lexington utilizes a system called “Road Care” to determine which roads need repairs the most and found that Lansdowne Drive and Redding roads needed them urgently.

One Lexington road crew said they decided to repair both roads at the same time to get them over with and ready to drive on as quickly as possible.

“… we’re trying to get all those areas within the same time period so the residents aren’t experiencing delays through the course of the year, go ahead and get that inconvenience out of the way at once,” said Bryan Beasley, Lexington Streets & Roads project manager.

Road crews said the Lansdowne Drive construction should take about five days, wrapping up on Monday.

Once paving and repairs are complete, the roads should last approximately 15 years.