Lexington salt trucks prepare for potentially hazardous and icy night


Even though the snow had stopped falling by Saturday afternoon, Lexington road crews were still asking people to stay inside, if possible.

State transportation leaders echoed that same message, saying some roads in Central Kentucky are still covered in snow and ice. They say dangerous road conditions will likely persist throughout the weekend.

Rain puddles turned to sheets of ice Friday evening, and below freezing temperatures made things difficult for road crews.

"Then we had to deal a lot with blowing snow," said Rob Allen, Director of Streets and Roads in Lexington and Fayette County. "Salt is less effective you know, any time you get under 25," he explained.

The conditions also made things a bit discouraging. "It gets frustrating, especially. We're pretty cold today," said Allen.

Still, road crews in Lexington pushed on, tackling the same busy streets, over and over again. "Certainly had to retreat several of the main roads," he said.

Well into the day, crews hadn't even started on residential side streets because of all the work that tied them up on major roads.

Untreated side streets is something that Kentucky transportation leaders saw throughout their central district.

"Very important but lesser traveled routes remain partly covered to mostly covered. And remember, as temperatures drop, that roads can re-freeze," said Natasha Lacy, with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Drivers encountered slushy roads on Saturday, after crews had a chance to treat them. However, officials say that same slush will likely freeze back up.

Road managers are now worried that some people, who expected more snow, or were underwhelmed with the winter-storm, may be under the false impression that it's safe to be out.

"Maybe some folks didn't see the expected amount of snow, and are driving way too fast for road conditions," said Allen.

That's why they're asking those who can, to hunker down, and free up the streets for those behind the wheel of a salt truck.

"So folks who do have a stockpile of bread and milk can put it to use," asked WDKY's Emilie Arroyo.

"Certainly, yeah! All that stuff that everyone picked up at Kroger's the other day, can stay home and cook a big meal," said Allen.

In a release, the department says they have responded to nearly 47 incident on Saturday. They say none of them were injuries.

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