Lexington stores deal with delayed “back to school” shopping


Many students are searching for school supplies months after the traditional ‘back to school’ shopping season.(WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Shops across Lexington have prepared for a delayed “back to school” shopping season to coincide with Lexington Schools’ phased-in return to in-person learning.

More students in Fayette County returned to in-person learning Monday. Each of those students will need supplies for the rest of the year.

Brian Kerr, General Manager of Staples in Lexington, said earlier in the year the trend was virtual supplies like laptops. However, he kept his more traditional back to school supplies in stock for the day in-person learning returned.

The biggest, kind of the newest thing that we’re seeing is a lot of PPE for school,” Kerr said. “So like hand sanitizer, kids’ masks, Kleenex. A lot of that stuff has been picked up and we have been well prepared for that as well.”

Kerr said in his experience, both parents and students have been happy to see the more traditional selection available this time of the year.

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