Lexington tattoo shop helps raise money for cancer patients and their families


Tattoo Charlie's, located in Lexington off of New Circle Road, hosted their annual Tattoo's Against Cancer fundraiser Sunday.

"We are doing a benefit for cancer research. We're doing ribbon tattoo's of a minimum $30.00 donation and all the money raised goes to cancer," employee Luke Sheffield said.

Sherry Perry, along with her sister Priscella Banks, decided on a ribbon in honor of their grandma.

"She passed away in 1999 of cancer. So we are doing it for her," Perry said.

This charity event has been going on for the past 7 years, with all proceeds going to the foundation, "Meghan's Mountain."

The foundation provides quality of life care to children and their families going through cancer treatment.

Jennifer Rodriguez decided Sunday to get a ribbon in honor of her father, who passed away from lung cancer. She says every tattoo she has gotten has meaning.

"This tattoo is in memory of my grandmother while she was still here. This here is a memory that she's gone, because the birds are flying away. All my tattoo's have a meaning," Rodriguez said.

"It's nice to hear these stories and hear that these people won't let something as vicious and nasty as cancer, tarnish a memory of someone," Sheffield said.

In the past 6 years, Tattoo Charlie's has raised over $45,000 for the foundation.

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