Lexington Trump parade met by protesters on New Circle Road



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Two opposing sides, each with their own opposing messages. Both out Sunday working to be heard across the city.

“To vote for Trump. We all need to get behind him,” said Tina Rantel, with the Trump Parade.

“When you ask why we march, it’s because our police department sides with racists,” said Alisha Kattara, with the LPD Accountability Group.

People apart of a Trump Parade drove around New Circle Road, honking their horns and waving out of their windows.

“I’m 61 years old, and this is the most important election. It’s going to determine, really, the direction our country is going to go in,” said Veronica Russell.

Joining the parade, Russell said voting this November is more important to her than ever before.

“I’m more than willing to debate the subject. You know, people know how I feel, and why I feel the way I feel. It’s not just blindly voting, I never blindly vote for anybody,” Russell said.

Protesters with the LPD Accountability group were also out on New Circle Road. One protester, Alisha Kattara said they were concerned by what they saw.

“Even though we’re out here counter protesting them, we still don’t want little kids and women falling out of cars.”

Kattara said some people in the parade weren’t wearing their seatbelts and were hanging out of car windows. The protest and parade both wrapped up around 4 p.m.

Lexington police said there were two minor car wrecks during the parade and protests, but said there were no other incidents to report.

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