LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington woman has her sights set on restoring her good name just weeks after a judge dismissed her assault case without prejudice.

Last year, Shantoria Burdell was arrested in connection with the shooting of another woman — on south limestone street.

Burdell was accused of shooting a woman during a fight near the University of Kentucky campus. An accusation that damaged her reputation and cost her many opportunities over the past year and a half. But she is concerned the case can still be brought up again.

Burdell a mother of a 4-year-old son enrolled in EKU  to pursue a law degree. But before that, she found herself on the other side of the law.

“They started ganging my friend and went over and tried to break it up, a couple of them started ganging me, and unfortunately a shot was fired,” Burdell said.

She was hanging out with her friends and family when a group of girls barged into the lounge.

“Once we figured out who they were they are pretty much notorious for ganging women around Lexington,” Burdell said.

“We tried to gather ourselves to leave but BY then it was too late, the girl that was looking for her just barged in and started attacking her,” Burdell said.

That’s when her life changed. Burdell was arrested and charged with first-degree aggravated assault after a fight broke out and a shot was fired at Casablanca Hookah Lounge on South Limestone Street.

“I really just wanted the incident to end, it wasn’t…I am not aggressive at all. I am not confrontational, confrontation actually makes me very nervous,” Burdell said.

She’s always maintained her innocence. But after losing her job and this image circulated on the web, Shantoria feared this is all people would remember her by.

“Having a nonprofit and being known for a philanthropist to you googling my name and now it is the person that shot a girl,” Burdell said.

Now she’s trying to change that narrative

“I really want to help people in my situation and I wouldn’t even say wrongly accused, I just think that you should put more time in the investigation and figure out the story,” Burdell said.

Burdell said she even had to change her name on social media although the burden continues
to follow her she hopes to graduate soon and head off to law school.