Lexington’s COVID-19 Task Force gives progress report


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Two weeks ago, Mayor Linda Gorton announced a task force to help with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Lexington.

Now, Chuck Mix, the co-chair of that task force, tells us they’re focusing on three areas.

The first, an effort to get information into the community that will help people make the decision about whether or not to take the vaccine. Right now, there are plenty of people who are eligible to receive it, who are choosing not to.

The second, working on coordinating between provider sites to make sure the vaccine that’s allocated is actually getting distributed to the people who need it.

The last group is working on the data, such as the scheduling and reporting the immunization registry with the state.

Right now, Lexington is still vaccinating group 1A, which includes health care workers and people in nursing homes. The VA hospital has its own distribution plan for veterans.

The expectation is the category of people who can get vaccinated will grow in the coming weeks.

“The governor has announced, starting in early February, some regional mass vaccine sites will be ramped up and we expect to have one of those in the Lexington area as well,” Mix said.

Mix says they expect there will be changes to the way the vaccine is distributed on the federal level once the new administration is in place.

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