LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – For more than two decades Cowgirl Attic was known for reclaiming unwanted things thanks to its owner Karen Payne.

Now her body can no longer handle long days of strenuous labor, so she says that’s her cue to trade her barn for the beach and fly to the Florida Keys.

In the next few days, she hopes to sell everything.

The treasures left over won’t go to waste though, she plans to donate the rest to habitat for humanity.

When it comes to the store itself, Payne has already sold the warehouse on Delaware Avenue. She thinks the new owner’s plan is to knock it down.

Her hopes are that another Lexingtonian is brave enough to build a similar store.

“It’s kinda exciting and sad at the same time. I kind of not dealt with the sad part because I have a big job to do,” said Payne.

As a final word, Payne wants to thank her customers for the good times and business.

“Thanks for all my customers for the last 21 years. I really appreciate you. You made it all a great time, so I’m excited to go onto newer things,”

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Another long-time Lexington business is closing its doors.

Cow-girl Attic has been a place to go for salvaged and reclaimed items for more than 25 years.

Karen Payne, the owner, has traveled all over the country bringing back everything from funky metal works to garden relics.

The warehouse on Delaware Avenue won’t officially close until July 12 so there is still some time to check it out before it’s gone.