LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — One of Lexington’s most historic food establishments is closed after a 70-year run.

The Parkette Drive-In was opened in 1951 by Joe Smiley. His family retained ownership of the restaurant but transferred duties to the Kaplan family in 2008.

As with many businesses, Parkette struggled throughout the pandemic.

“Running Parkette as a business was difficult,” said Randy Kaplan, former co-owner of Parkette. “We have not had a complete order since March of 2020, I cannot get supplies.”

Members of the Kaplan and Smiley family met Tuesday night, where they decided to absolve the Kaplans of ownership duties.

Kaplan said he was under the impression that the restaurant would still stay open. The original owners decided it was in the best interest to close the restaurant.

Bryan Tipton, Joe Smiley’s son-in-law, said there are no set plans regarding the future of the property.