Lextran cutting back services due to driver shortage


Lextran is cutting back services due to a shortage of drivers.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Lextran is cutting back services due to a shortage of drivers.

Starting Monday, there will be reduced routes along the Red Mile as well as Nicholasville, Versailles, Richmond, Leestown, and South Broadway roads.

Like other industries, transportation agencies are struggling to find workers.

Lextran officials say, during a typical year, the department budgets for about 130 bus drivers. Right now, about nine percent are on medical leave and Lextran needs at least 20 operators.

The department is hosting job fairs and offering signing bonuses to try and get more workers. Its also enhancing COVID-19 protocols. Passengers and employees must wear masks on buses at all times. Employees must wear them in the office. At this time, however, bus drivers are not required to get vaccinated.

“We continue with our cleaning practices and providing equipment to employees that they might need such as masks and hand sanitizer,” said Lextran General Manager Jill Barnett.

Lextran hopes to revert back to normal schedules as soon as enough bus drivers are available to fill all routes.

You can find adjusted bus schedules by visiting Lextran’s website. There you can also submit an application to become a bus driver.

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