Lincoln County woman says she was nearly victim of kidnapping suspect


Autumn Young says a couple that stopped to help a man in a wreck moments after she was at the scene became the victims of a crime. (Photo: WDKY/Phil Pendleton)

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CRAB ORCHARD, Ky. (WDKY) – A southern Kentucky woman believes she was almost the victim of a carjacking on Wednesday.

Raymond McCollum is now in jail, accused of kidnapping a Good Samaritan who stopped to help him after a wreck. But Autumn Young says the victim easily could have been her.

Young says she was driving on Harmons Lick road the day of the kidnapping when she came upon a pickup truck that had crashed. She says she stopped to see if the driver needed help and even offered him some water.

She ended up going on, only to learn that the couple that stopped to help the driver moments later were the victims of a crime.

The man in that car was dragged, and his car was stolen, his wife still inside. Young says she saw that couple pull up and was shocked when she learned later what happened to them.

“It could have been me. Easily,” says Young. “If they would have not come up, it would have definitely been me, because I would have stayed there and helped him until somebody came.”

Raymond McCollum remains in jail charged with theft, kidnapping, and other charges. Investigators say McCollum is likely to face additional charges as their investigation continues.

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