Local Ford dealers react to battery plant announcement


LEXINGTON, Ky. FOX 56/(WKYT) – Central Kentucky Ford dealerships said the newly-announced Ford battery plant is going to be a big boost for them.

It’s going to be several years before any dealerships in Kentucky can sell those vehicles powered by batteries made in the Commonwealth. The people responsible for selling those cars tell us the demand is already there.

Global supply issues, and a microchip shortage, have led to a demand for vehicles that can’t be filled. The general manager of Gates Ford in Richmond said that includes Ford’s newest electric truck.

“Our dealership, even before the vehicles technically are available to order, we’ve taken 30 reservations for the F-150 lightning,” Chase Thompson said.

The new F-150 lightning will be built in Tennessee, but some of the batteries powering it will be built in Kentucky. For local dealerships, it’s an easy sell.

“The vehicles that we sell currently electric are less than 3%. But that is going to change dramatically in the years to come. By 2030 Ford estimates that over 40% of its products will be electric,” said Bob Kain with Jack Kain Ford.

Not only is the demand for electric vehicles expected to continue to rise, but they’ll also be selling a vehicle powered by Kentucky-made batteries.

“Without a doubt it’s going to help us sell these products because it’s a Kentucky product,” Kain said. “Just like the people in Georgetown, in central Kentucky are so proud of their Toyotas, it’s going to be the same thing for the Ford product.”

He anticipates by 2025 30% of their sales will come from electric vehicles, powered by batteries built in the commonwealth.

Managers at Paul Miller Ford in Lexington told us over the next five years, they plan to add an additional 26 charging stations for electric vehicles.

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