Local veteran outlines issues he hopes the next administration prioritizes



The 2020 presidential election was a long, hard-fought battle and one that polarized many people into democrat or republican.

“Some of the high school politics that have occurred in this race, it’s been disheartening particularly for me as a veteran,” Veteran’s Club Founder and CEO Jeremy Harrell said. “I think this is a really good opportunity to accept who the next president is whether we voted for that person or not and just really work together to make America better.”

For Harrell that means putting a focus on issues that affect the people who fought for our country, making things like veteran healthcare, suicide rates, and foreign policy the priorities over political party.

There was some progress in the last administration that Harrell hopes to see continue in the next one.

“One thing President Trump did for veterans was an overhaul on the Veterans Affairs healthcare system, he helped with the Choice Program and really brought that up to par,” Harrell said. “I hope that President Biden and Vice President Harris keep that effort going.”

As for Harrell’s reminder to the general public, he said when the battle is over, we’re democrats or republicans second and Americans first.

“At the end of the day, as Americans, we’re in charge,” Harrell said.

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