London restaurant keeping dining room open despite Beshear’s mandate


LONDON, Ky. (WDKY) – The owner of a southern Kentucky restaurant says he won’t obey the governor’s mandates cutting off indoor dining.

Furthermore, the London restaurant operator says his customers don’t have to follow the mask mandate or any other rules of the pandemic.

The restaurant is Wings 2.0 and they have only been open for business since May. Clifford Smith says they’ve never followed any of the rules from the pandemic and want their customers to do what they want.

Smith calls the rules and mandates illegal and even goes as far as to say they are from a “corrupt elected official.”

“When I said corrupt what I was speaking to was the issue of illegal mandates,” Smith said. “He does not have the right to impose restrictions on citizens without going through the normal legislation and governing boards in place.”

Smith says reaction to his decision has been mixed. He says some have voiced outrage at what he’s doing but more have applauded him for standing up for what they think is right.

We reached out to the Laurel County Health Department for their reaction to what Smith is doing, but have not heard back from them.

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