Madison Co. man talks about the 911 call that led to the rescue of a North Carolina teen along I-75 in Kentucky


LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – A story about an alert Kentucky driver going the extra mile for a North Carolina teen in danger made nationwide headlines over the weekend.

Now, FOX 56 is hearing what exactly caught the man’s attention and the 911 call that led to her rescue on Interstate 75 in Laurel County.

911: “Laurel dispatch, hello?

CALLER: “Yeah, I’ve been following this Toyota Corolla from Madison County, we just crossed into Laurel County exit 49. This female in the passenger side, brunette is motioning for help, call 911.”

There’s no telling how long the teenager in the back of the southbound traveling Toyota Corolla had been trying to get help, but along that journey, she crossed paths with David Isaacs of Madison County.

CALLER: “Ohio plates”

911: “You say it’s a female?”

CALLER: “Female, passenger side, male driver”

911: “Hang on just a second, sir. I’m getting help on the way. Will you watch for a mile marker and let me know when you pass one please?”

Isaacs, driving his black Chevy pickup, tailed the two all the way through Madison County, then Rockcastle into Laurel County, not sure if he’d be able to see this scenario to a good outcome.

CALLER: “Be advised though, I do need gas.”

911: “Ok, they’re going to intercept you in about two miles, ok?”

CALLER: “They’re getting off on exit 41. They’re gonna be turning left on 41.”

911: “I’ve got a deputy who says they’ve got eyes on you so.”

The teenager told Laurel County investigators she had traveled with James Herbert Brick, 61, of Cherokee, North Carolina, through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio where Brick had relatives.

After Brick’s family realized she was underage and reported missing, he took her south. That is when she began trying to get drivers’ attention.

The hand signs she used to get drivers’ attention she learned from a TikTok trend where the person seeking help makes hand signals to quietly alert others they are experiencing abuse and feel unsafe.

Isaacs told FOX 56 he didn’t recognize the four fingers she had facing downward outside the passenger side window as a distress gesture. He thought she was motioning they planned to get off the interstate at Exit 41.

CALLER: “She was motioning four fingers and then one…(inaudible)

911: “Do you see the officers there? They’re going to try and get behind him so when they pull out, try to give them some space.”

CALLER: sirens audible​​ “Alright, they got him.”

911: “Thank you, sir!”

CALLER: “Thank you guys.”

Isaacs said before hitting the construction zone in Laurel County, Brick was driving at times, 85 to 90 mph.

In court Tuesday, a charge of kidnapping was added against Bricks, and the judge raised his bond from $10,000 to $50,000.

Brick remains in jail.

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