Madison County homeowners concerned about coyotes

(Photo credit: Robert Boehm)

RICHMOND, Ky. (WDKY) - Madison County homeowners are sharing concerns after seeing increased coyote activity in their neighborhood.

Surveillance footage from Robert Boehm of two coyotes in his backyard

Robert Boehm said he was surprised to find the wild animals roaming around his home.

"It startled me, and it's scary for my family," Boehm said.

Boehm is concerned because both of his family's cats disappeared from their home in the Shiloe Pointe neighborhood in May. That is around the time they first noticed the coyotes.

"We're afraid actually to walk in the evening for fear that they will come out at night and think that we might be their next meal," Boehm said.

They decided to move their surveillance camera to their backyard to try and catch the coyotes on camera. Within two days, they saw two coyotes come from the woods, and they were just feet away from backdoor.

"When they got close enough to the house, the camera alarm actually went off and scared them back into the woods," Boehm said.

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