LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – On Friday, 10-year-old Gwyn Morgan, along with her family and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana, stopped at Lexington Christian Academy’s fifth-grade class at Immanuel Baptist Church Campus, for her book tour.

“Writing a book is harder than it sounds,” Gwyn said.

Turning 11 next week, Gwyn has accomplished what many adults are still dreaming of doing one day, publishing their first book.

However, Gwyn’s book was inspired by a journey that started two years ago, when she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called, glioblastoma of the thalamus.

But the tumors on Gwyn’s brain didn’t slow her creativity down. In fact, her mother, Heather Morgan, said it brought her creativity “to the surface in a more clear way.”

Gwyn was part of clinical trial in 2021 to develop a cancer vaccine that was unsuccessful, but it still gave this bright young girl inspiration.

“We talked about the point of joining the study was to contribute to research so that might help somebody even if it doesn’t help us,” Heather said.

From that experience came her first book: ‘Drippy, The Tale of a Sad Rain Cloud.’

Gwyn wrote it cover to cover in just one afternoon, and the illustrations were drawn by her cousin, Gina. The book mirrors Gwyn’s journey for the past two years with brain cancer and conveys a heartfelt message.

“That it’s ok to be sad and very healthy too,” Gwyn said.

“We can go through stages of feeling sorry for ourselves and wanting to avoid it and all that, eventually the invitation is to bear up under it and see what can I learn from this, and where might be the hidden blessing in disguise,” Heather said.


Gwyn is not done, she has other book ideas.

“Like a book about what it’s like to be a part of a science experiment because I’m a part of a science experiment,” Gwyn said. “The life of a therapy dog, what a therapy dog does every day.”

But until that time comes, The Make-A-Wish Foundation made it possible for Gwyn to publish her book and go on a book tour, which she admits is a dream come true.

“And that I’ve always wanted to do it pretty much,” Gwyn said.

To purchase Gwyn’s book, click here.