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LEXINGTON, Ky.  – A Frankfort woman says the man she once loved went to extreme measures to get out of paying child support.

The case has now landed two brothers in jail. They’re accused of trying to fool the woman and the court system.

“I fell for him unlike I’ve ever fallen for anyone else because I guess it’s easy to be perfect when it’s not real,” Kalan Slattery said.

Slattery says she fell in love with a man she thought was named Jason. Slattery would come to discover the man she loved was actually named Mohammed Rasheed Seraji. She also found out Seraji was married.

After figuring that all out, Slattery ended their relationship, but things took a different turn when Slattery discovered she was pregnant. At first, Slattery said she was afraid to tell her ex-boyfriend. About 11 weeks into her pregnancy, she decided to break the news.

“I told him I was pregnant, and he was really mad and wanted me to have an abortion.”

The two broke off communication. Eventually, Slattery says court officials notified her that Seraji wanted a DNA test for the baby, named Nadia.

Slattery and her daughter showed up for a DNA test on the court-ordered date last November. Workers in the office told her Seraji had already been there to complete his portion of the exam.

“I knew that they took Polaroids, so when I got back there, I asked if I could see a picture because I had a feeling because of all the bad stuff that had already happened … that there was a chance that he would do something manipulative,” Slattery recalled.

She said her suspicions were confirmed when office workers showed her the picture.

“I said, ‘That’s not him. That’s his brother.’ And they said that had never happened there before.”

Rasheed Seraji is now in jail serving a sentence for a contempt of court charge. Court documents say he “failed to comply with the Agreed Order for DNA testing by fraudulently inducing and allowing his brother, Justin N. Seraji, to present and submit to DNA testing on his behalf in a blatant scheme to defraud the Court.”

Slattery said when Rasheed Seraji did comply and take a DNA test, the order showed a result of a 99.9% match with the baby.

Seraji is a member of the Lexington Fire Department. Officials with the department say he is currently suspended without pay. They were not able to comment beyond that since it is a personal issue.

FOX 56’s Hillary Thornton reached out to Seraji for comment. He did not want to talk from jail. He is scheduled to be released later this month.

His brother was booked into jail on a fraud charge. He has since bonded out. The case against him is ongoing.