LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Protestors returned to Lansdowne Drive in an effort to stop Kentucky Utilities from cutting down trees near utility lines in Lexington.

The protest was peaceful, but police did inform protestors they would have to move or they faced getting arrested.

At the protest, Mayor Linda Gorton said KU is making a change.

After a number of talks between Mayor Gorton and KU, Gorton said the company has agreed to alter their cutting plans for the next couple of days focus on just the taller trees that offer the most threat to the utility line along Lansdowne.

There was also a lot of focus around a pending injunction that we’ve learned is being drawn up, but that injunction has not gone before a judge at this point. We’ve been told that the injunction is expected to be filed Wednesday afternoon.

Still, the compromise was accepted by most of the protestors on hand and it is a sign of progress, according to the mayor.

“KU is very interested at sitting at the table again,” Mayor Gorton said. “That is really what the letter to the PSC and filing the injunction will help us with. It gives us an opportunity to pause and get to the table to have more conversations.”

We’re unsure as to how many trees along Lansdowne qualify as being one of those larger trees that KU still plans to bring down.