McGrath thanks volunteers, supporters in Twitter concession speech


KENTUCKY (WDKY) – Amy McGrath posted a video to Twitter marking her concession speech Tuesday evening.

She thanked volunteers and supporters for their hard work and said this race has always been about Kentucky.

She first came on the scene in 2018, challenging Andy Barr, who also won tonight for Kentucky’s sixth congressional district.

After losing that race, top Democrats encouraged McGrath to take on longtime Senator Mitch McConnell. She raised $90 million much of that coming from small individual contributions.

During her campaign, she focused on her 20-years of service as a marine. She talked about being a mother and her plans in targeting the pandemic.

Although she didn’t get the results she was hoping for on Election Day, she praised this year’s high voter turnout and credited her campaign for building a powerful grassroots movement.

“I’m proud of my contributions in helping democrats take back the house in 2018 and hopefully now the Senate in 2020,” McGrath said. “While we didn’t win these campaigns we were able to shore up efforts up and down the ticket in Kentucky and on the national stage making republicans fight every battle we could. We helped propel this blue wave over the last two cycles and I’m so grateful I got to do my part.”

In the video, McGrath encouraged people to stay politically engaged telling people to put quote “hope over fear, country over party, and people over politics.

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