HARRODSBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) — Some major upgrades are coming for students at the Mercer County Schools. One of those upgrades involves athletics.

The Mercer County School district is moving forward with plans to fix up the baseball, softball, and soccer fields. This would involve constructing a new baseball/softball complex near Mercer County High School. The new facility would be fitted with a turf infield, more dugouts, locker rooms, and an upgraded concession stand just to name a few.

District Superintendent Jason Booher said this upgrade is coming just in time.

“We have plenty of land there to build a nice facility there. We’re excited about it, because it’s state of the art, and there won’t be very many schools out there that have a better baseball-softball facility than we do here at Mercer County,” Booher said.

If all goes according to plan, the new complex should be ready by March 15, just in time for opening day for the next baseball/softball season.

In addition, the school board is hoping to see a new elementary school in the future. As of now, the first step is acquiring the land to start building.

Booher said this is part of an effort to ensure students have the best resources possible.

“You get to a point with a certain school building where you can either renovate it, and renovations cost a lot of money. Sometimes, buildings get to where it’s cheaper to build something new. Plus, you want all the students to have new innovative buildings like a lot of other districts have,” Booher said.

When a new elementary school is built, a new middle school would take the place of the existing elementary school.