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PARIS, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington child, missing since February, is now home after officers found her while searching a house during a drug investigation.

It happened Thursday at a home on West 8th Street in Paris.

When detectives searched the house, they find the 5-year-old girl hiding in a closet.

“I made a pinky promise with her that she wasn’t in trouble because she really thought she was in trouble, so if I wanted to say what her real reaction was, it would be that she was afraid,” said Detective Earl Hatter with the Paris Police Department.

Detective Hatter says there were four children and a woman at Solomon Fields’s house. Fields claims the missing 5-year-old is his daughter, but detectives say they haven’t confirmed this.

Fields was in possession of drugs, including oxycodone, marijuana, and crack cocaine.

“Parents are showing these kids that selling drugs, having drugs, smelling drugs, having them in their possession around them in close quarters where they can access them is ok and it’s not, and it never will be,” Det. Hatter said. “It’s only going to deteriorate a child’s very well and childhood. They deserve to be kids.”

People living in the area, many of them with children, say this isn’t the first time a drug bust has happened right outside their front door.

“We are all concerned and we are all fed up with the crime that is happening here,” said Jo Ella Allen.

Allen, who lives in the neighborhood, says the task force has been a help in cutting down drug use. Still, Allen says she worries about what will happen next time.

“Young people are dying because you have drugs that are so predominant here in this neighborhood and nobody really wants to talk about it,” Allen said.

As for this time, Hatter says the child is finally back home.

Detective Hatter says the investigation is closed, but Fields’s prosecution is still ongoing.