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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – People gathered in the state capitol rotunda Thursday morning to ask for changes in gun laws during a rally for ‘Moms Demand Action.’

Mothers like Anita Franklin, whose son was killed in a shooting, gathered to ask lawmakers for what they say is common-sense firearm legislation.

There are several proposed gun control laws to be discussed during this year’s General Assembly. One is a red flag law that would keep guns away from potentially at-risk individuals. A second proposal addresses gun safety in domestic violence cases.

100 mothers gathered in the rotunda, all wearing red. Franklin says she’s a gun owner herself and does not want guns taken away. She says, however, there needs to be more responsibility taken by legislators to address gray areas in gun ownership.

“We want to hold people accountable for changes in laws that need to be changed,” says Franklin. “And for people to break laws, we want them to be held accountable as well.”

An attorney for domestic violence victims, Megan McDonald, says “We see a lot of the impact of gun violence on domestic violence victims and families that affects our entire city. We feel very strongly there needs to be more protection for those victims and families in general.”

With Republican majorities in both chambers, this year’s legislature is very conservative. Leaders say gun laws will be a hard sell, but attendees at the rally say they have to try.

Advocates for gun control proposals say there also needs to be more background checks, and checks and balances, for people purchasing guns at gun shows and demonstrations.