More COVID-19 cases in children now than ever before during pandemic, according to doctors



LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Cases of COVID-19 are continuing to spread throughout the Commonwealth, and experts say many of these new cases are from kids.

“When you see all these cases in children, it’s really just showing you that you have such a high level of community spread right now,” says Dr. Elizabeth Hawse with Commonwealth Pediatrics.

Dr. Hawse says she’s not only seeing more positive cases in children than ever before during this pandemic but is also getting more calls from patients reporting a close contact has tested positive.

While kids are usually not as ill, Dr. Hawse says there are exceptions.

“Preteens, teenagers, college students get much more of the typical disease that you see with adults, where your preschoolers, your infants, little kids get less severe symptoms on the whole,” Dr. Hawse says.

She says the spread is concerning in any age group, as we still have a lot to learn about the long-term effects of COVID-19. While it’s rare, the doctor says multisystem inflammatory syndrome has been found in some children a couple of weeks after exposure. Plus, Dr. Hawse says youth who do show symptoms have a higher risk of heart issues when they go back to playing sports. She says in this case, it’s important to see a pediatrician before getting active again.

The doctor says she’s seeing the virus make its way everywhere, including school buildings, daycare centers, and family gatherings. Something she says to keep in mind as Thanksgiving arrives.

“We gather because we’re family and we love one another, and the best way to show people you love one another is to keep them safe,” Dr. Hawse says.

Dr. Hawse says to make sure you get a flu shot this year so that we don’t have one epidemic on top of another.

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