MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – At least several tornadoes touched down in Madison County early Saturday morning. That’s according to the National Weather Service, which toured areas in both Madison and Garrard Counties on Monday.

A farm in the Kirksville community was among the victims of what the NWS confirmed was an EF-1 tornado with winds of about 90 miles per hour.

John Gordan with the NWS Louisville office said the tornado had a skipping motion in that it did not stay on the ground very long, but enough to topple trees, take roofs off the farmhouse, and several barns.

A tornado of similar size and strength also touched down about 12 miles away from Richmond and left lots of damage at a home on Clay Lane.

“We were just fortunate that we were not injured, and we can replace what we have lost, there’s a lot of people that didn’t have that opportunity in this time with this storm. You get to thinking about that. You are thankful that you were not taken out with it, and you were not injured here,” said Larry Donithan, a homeowner in Madison County.

Local officials said they are still looking at all of the damage but there were no deaths or injuries reported there.

Officials estimate there were at least two tornadoes in Madison County at about 4:30 Saturday morning.