New task force formed to speed up vaccine distribution in Lexington


The health department in Lexington says the demand for COVID-19 vaccines is so great right now they’re starting a waitlist for sign-ups.(WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – State leaders aren’t pleased with the pace of Kentucky’s vaccine rollout so far.

Mayor Linda Gorton said that it’s time to start making plans for widespread vaccine distribution in Lexington.

“You know the federal government bought all the vaccines and they send them to the state and then the state sends them to the cities, so we can’t control that part but the part we can control is having a really good plan for our citizens to get vaccinated,” Gorton said.

That’s the goal behind the Mayor’s new task force.

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Many of the same people who have been involved in pandemic response since the beginning are in this group with the sole purpose of figuring out how best to put shots in arms.

“It’s really important for people to be patient,” Gorton said.

Mayor Gorton said just about everything is on the table right now, but an important aspect is getting everyone an equal opportunity to have a shot.

When testing was a top priority, the Mobile Neighborhood Testing Program provided that service to many. So, it’s possible we could see something similar to be one option that’s explored.

“Right now there is a large clinic going on at Consolidated Baptist. They are vaccinating health care workers,” Gorton said. “Our citizens can expect large areas or sites where they can get vaccinated but they’ll have to register ahead of time.”

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The mayor says it’ll be important also that we keep a record of who gets the shots, so that they can come back again for their booster shot, but also so that we have a more detailed playbook should something like this ever happen again.

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