LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Lexington is diving straight into summer. The city’s six pools will open within the next two weeks, but no matter where you swim, safety should be the priority.

Castlewood, Southland, Tates Creek, and Woodland will open on May 28, and the two neighborhood pools, Shillito and Douglass, open on June 4.

All city pools are receiving needed infrastructure improvements and new features funded through federal American Rescue funds.  Southland, Woodland, Shillito, and Douglass pools have already had their diving boards replaced.

“With new and repaired features, as well much-needed replacements for filters, pumps, and filtration systems, we will be able to extend the life of our pools,” said Monica Conrad, Director of Parks & Recreation.

The city pools will also return to their regular hours for the first time in three years, and they will be at full capacity.

According to the CDC, drowning is a leading cause of death for children, and most drownings in children ages one to four happen in swimming pools. Experts recommend getting your children in swim lessons as soon as possible, but while children are at the highest risk, anyone can drown.

The North Lexington YMCA offers swim lessons for all ages.

“It doesn’t matter if you are two or 72,” said Paula Anderson, President, and CEO of Central KY YMCAs. “If you want to learn to swim, we can help you with that.

Some Lexington children have never been in a pool, so in honor of National Water Safety Month, the North Lexington YMCA welcomes 2nd-grade students from Booker T. Washington Elementary School.

Safety Around Water is a free program from Central Kentucky Kids. It’s the first year making a splash again since COIVD-19 canceled the program for several years. The program teaches students what to do if they find themselves in the water unexpectedly. Plus, students will learn how to float and swim short distances.

Anderson said this is especially important for children who do not have regular access to swim lessons.

“Maybe the program saves one kid this summer. That would be worth everything,” said Anderson.

Every student will receive a voucher for one swim lesson at the YMCA.

In June, the North Lexington YMCA will welcome students from William Wells Brown Elementary to learn the same skills. The Y is hoping to host even more kids in the years to come.

Anderson also said if you’re already a strong swimmer, it is your duty this summer to be a water watcher. Always have a set of eyes on the pool, lake, or river. Whether it’s a family, friend, or stranger if you see someone in trouble, help or get help.