LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Director of ONE Lexington Devine Carama spent the day in the classroom leading an effort to prevent youth violence in Lexington.

Touching lives one conversation at a time.

“Just the impact and language has, sometimes we normalize some of this negative language that can put them in certain situations that can lead to conflict,” said Carama.

Carama said deep-rooted inequalities in housing and education and a desire to fit in have driven some kids toward a gang lifestyle.

“How can a kid learn if he comes in and he is hungry, how can a kid if he comes in and he is mourning the lost of a loved one due to gun violence or he is being abused at home. ,” said Carama.

Carama said he wants to be the leading role model for his mentees.

“Being a man of color and obviously probably 90% of our mentoring group is kids of color, I want them to see another positive influence,” said Carama.

Carama said children carry the burden of firearm violence in the classroom but – it’s days like today he hopes will reduce the number of young victims who fall into the hands of gun violence.

“It starts with ways before a gun is fired, It is in the language that we use, it is in the disparities and barriers that families have it is in the lack mentoring,” said Carama.

Southern Middle School is one of several schools Carama said he goes to help build a bridge among the youth.