Organizers look to build recovery home for paralyzed Scott County deputy

Photo: Scott County Sheriff's Office

GEORGETOWN, Ky. - Some are organizing an effort to build a recovery home for paralyzed Scott County deputy Jaime Morales.

Morales was shot near the back during the exchange of gunfire which killed 57-year-old Edward Reynolds, a fugitive bank robber from Florida. The sheriff's office said it left Morales 90 percent paralyzed.

Many in the community have rallied around Morales with various fundraisers, but project organizer Ryan Holland says he is looking to build a special home so Morales can continue his recovery.

Ryan Holland is embarking on his fourth housing project, after recently helping on the construction of a home for Amya Catching. The group BIA Cares organized the build for the Lexington girl who was paralyzed in a drive-by shooting in 2017. A wheelchair-friendly home is also a must for Morales.

"We're able to make those adjustments for the framing and the ramps and things like that, that will help him for the rest of his life," Holland said.

Multiple sponsors are already on board, and Holland is now finding areas where he can build a log cabin in a quiet area of the county.

"We have to find some land. Whether that land is donated or whether there's a price tag on it, that we have to raise that money for," Holland said.

With multiple fundraisers underway around Georgetown, Holland says the project can put some of those funds to immediate use.

"We want to have something that will last him," Holland said, "You know, it's nice to get all these donations but then we need to be able to put them toward something that he needs. Obviously, his life is drastically changed."

Some of the project's sponsors include an electrician, roofer and landscaper.

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