Owners of Cynthiana restaurant say they hope to rebuild after fire

Paula's Family restaurant, a regular dining stop for firefighters and locals, was destroyed by fire Sunday night.

CYNTHIANA, Ky. - A beloved restaurant in Cynthiana is gone. Smoke could be seen for miles.

"You look out your window and it looks like the whole town is on fire," Damon Palmer, who lives in Cynthiana, said. "You just look at it and you can't believe what you're seeing and it's right in front of you."

Locally owned Paula's Family restaurant was closed. No one was inside when it went up in flames. The family owners tell Fox 56 when the flames went up they were both sick with the flu. They say they hope to reopen.

Fire Chief James Sanders said, "It's one of our regular eating spots."

The Cynthiana Fire Department battled fire at a place that's like their second home.

"They're always there for us if we have a fire in town they bring us drinks and stuff and always take care of us."

The fire department, trying to do the same for them, wasn't able to save much. Sanders said this fire was so massive he had to call in the Harrison County Fire Department and the Paris Fire Department.

"We had to reach out to Paris Fire Department and have them bring their aerial truck and have a crew come down and help us make an aerial attack on the fire. At that point we had to go out and be defensive on that fire because the roof was falling in on it and the second floor had done fell in on the first floor."

Sanders took this opportunity to throw out a few reminders.

"Keep your smoke detector batteries changed and be safe, this cold weather furnaces are working harder," he said.

"It's scary," Palmer said. "It makes you second think checking everything before you leave you leave your house."

Firefighters said on Monday the scene is still active. They say it could be days until fire investigators will be able to tell what started the fire.

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