LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Lexington’s new soccer team hopes to have a new stadium to call home. Team co-owner Stephen Dawahare revealed the first public look at the proposal on FOX 56 News Friday morning.

“What you’re going to see right here is a project and some thoughts that have been constructed by a lot of people to make sure that it’s the right balance between offering the right type of experiences and also the right economic drivers for the city,” Dawahare told FOX 56.

Some initial concerns shared on social media concerned parking. The proposal would be built on the existing High Street parking lot, eliminating parking near Rupp arena. If the proposal is built, some expressed concern about the new development bringing even more traffic to the area while offering less parking.

“Having the basketball like playing over there, and then soccer over there, I feel like people are going to be trying to find parking at people’s houses,” Lexington resident Gentille Ntakarutimana told FOX 56 who expressed mixed feelings about the proposal. “It’s gonna mess up the traffic , I don’t know if anyone’s been over here when the game is about to start or when the game is over. No one can get anywhere downtown.”

The proposal, which includes a 6,000 seat multi-use stadium, 45,000 feet of entertainment space, a 160-room hotel, and a 250-unit upscale apartment complex, also would construct two new parking facilities, one below-ground and one above-ground.

“I think right now there’s close to 1,800 parking spaces. The proposal that everyone’s required to follow has a minimum of 2,000 parking spaces. Our proposal actually has 2,300 total parking spaces at a minimum,” Dawahare said when asked about the concerns.

The City of Lexington is also aware of the parking strain. A statement from Mayor Linda Gorton’s office concerning the proposed development reads in part:

“Both the City and state committed to TIF funding to go toward parking, which received final approval by the state in 2019. The City’s commitment was $10 million toward parking. Any other expenses would be the responsibility of the developer. TIF is a state program allowing developers to apply a portion of newly generated taxes from an area to pay for a project’s public infrastructure.”

Dawahare said the soccer stadium proposal is one of multiple being considered for development by the Lexington Center Corporation. This is the first one to be released publicly. A decision about which proposal will be moving ahead for development on the site is expected in February.