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PARIS, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – There is a lot of history and family memories at Claiborne Farms in Paris. But they never expected to find someone else’s family memory in one of their pastures.

“I saw some mares sniffing it, I thought it might be a piece of trash I didn’t want them to ingest so I jumped the fence and grabbed it and sure enough it happened to be this picture,” said Walker Hancock, the president of Claiborne Farms.

It was a picture of two children no one at the farm recognized, and they wondered how it ended up there.

“This morning, our farm manager sent me a link that people were starting to find pictures, bibles, and whatever across the state. And he said ‘I think that picture might have been from the tornado.’ And I was like, ‘there’s no way, that was so far away,’” Walker said.

But it has happened. Photos from western Kentucky have even been found in different states.

“Obviously the winds were over 100 miles an hour and blown this far. It’s hard to believe, but I don’t know where it would have come from,” Walker said.

Now the farm is on a mission to find out who the picture belongs to, and return a photo that could mean so much to a family that may have lost everything.

“It’s pretty much in tact. It looks like there’s maybe a piece of a newspaper that’s stuck to it on the front and the back. Some building materials possibly. If we could find the families that these children belong to, I’m sure they’d really appreciate having something back,” Walker said.

A picture that’s likely worth a thousand precious words that a family would hold dear to their hearts.

“Said a prayer for them earlier and I hope they’re not ones that we lost and that they’re okay,” Walker said.

If you recognize the photo, you can contact Claiborne Farms. They have the photo in safe keeping.