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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – A new proposal is in the works for an 85-acre property in eastern Lexington.

The property is located near the intersection of Winchester Road and Polo Club Boulevard.

It’s a spot many are familiar with. Since the 1930s, Meadowcrest has sat on prime property. The Cowgill family bought the house as well as the property 21 years ago from the Madden family. Now the owners want to bring the mansion back to life in a new development plan.

“It’s a very neat place. It is certainly something that if we can preserve, I think that it is important too,” land use and zoning attorney Jacob Walbourn said.

A zoning change hearing was held Thursday in front of the Urban County Planning Commission which takes the property from the agricultural zone to the economic development zone. The commission unanimously approved the application with no public objection.

We took a look at planning documents filed with the city. A senior living center will go up first, followed by a hotel, office building, bank, pharmacy, restaurants and an apartment building.

The new development will likely bring more traffic to the area, which has some who live nearby concerned.

“It’s coming off the expressway. It is a little bit busy and the traffic. There is like no traffic light there,” nearby resident Betty Johnson said.

City leaders say it is essential to accommodate the increased traffic to meet safety concerns.