Police chief discusses recent gun violence in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Lexington police are still investigating several homicides.

Lexington has had at least 15 homicides this year, all involving guns. Police are still looking for suspects in 10 cases. Most of the victims have been African American men.

During a Thursday morning news conference, Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers said the gun violence in the city is concerning and that it’s going to take more than community programs to address the issue.

Weathers says the fatal shootings are unrelated.

“They don’t have one common thread. Some of them happen for reasons of what some of the people may be involved in. Some of them are just personal altercations,” Weathers said. “I think as a community we need to sit down and reflect on what it is we value most. We need to somehow get those values out there to the people who are perpetrating those crimes.”

Weathers does not know why the shootings are happening and or if the pandemic has played a role. He says the shootings have not been retaliatory or gang-related.

He also acknowledged the tense relationship between the police department and the community. He says he agrees with the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case.

The chief also briefly spoke about no-knock warrants.

Black faith leaders in Lexington are calling on Mayor Linda Gorton to ban those warrants. However, Chief Weathers says there are cases when no-knock warrants are necessary.

The chief also mentioned the police department is continuously undergoing training in racial bias and de-escalation techniques.

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