Police investigating vandalism at two Lexington health care buildings


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Lexington police are investigating suspected vandalism at two health care buildings.

One happened at the health department on Newtown Pike. The other happened at Lexington Urgent Care on Nicholasville Road.

You can see someone painted on the walls at Urgent Care:

The health department didn’t say if it was COVID-related. However, Urgent Care said theirs was.

On the other side of the graffiti-filled wall, you’ll find a lot of COVID-19 testing. It’s something they’ve been doing for months since testing was available.

Kimberly Blanke is part of the management team at Urgent Care. Blanke says it’s puzzling why someone would do this now.

“It may be some type of local group that’s anti-COVID. That type of thing,” Blanke said. “We’re not part of any type of conspiracy theory plans or anything like that we’re just trying to provide a service to the community.”

Lexington Urgent Care management says they will tighten up security.

Both incidents have been turned over to the police department.

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