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Bardstown police arrested a man they say impersonated a celebrity, then raped several women.

Nathan Loebe was wanted in more than four states for sexual assault, with 40 open cases of rape, stalking, or harassment in Arizona alone.

“You would never know who his next victim would be,” Bardstown Police Chief Steve Uram said.

Police say he told his victims he was Brian Bonsall, who used to play Andrew Keaton in Family Ties.

The real Brian Bonsall is now in a band, performing in Europe. He took to social media to warn people a violent man was pretending to be him.

He apologized to those victimized, saying Loebe even made a fake Youtube account. Bonsall called Bardstown police to help Friday.

“He had gotten to the point of trying to hire a private investigator to track this individual down,” Uram said.

The Bardstown Police Chief credits a victim for coming forward leading to Loebe’s arrest. They say she told them they met online, then the abuse began.

Loebe is now at the Nelson County jail on a 2 million dollar bond, waiting for detectives from other states to pay him a visit. The chief says he is relieved this alleged impersonator is off the streets.