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LEXINGTON, Ky.  – The Lexington student accused of threatening to shoot classmates at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Monday.

Timothy Felker, 18, is charged with second-degree terroristic threatening.

Police released new details in Monday’s testimony, saying that the student bought an AR-15 using money his mother gave him to get a tattoo.

“Around Christmas or December 2017 is when he purchased the AR-15 with money that his mom gave him for a tattoo, and that he also purchased 500 rounds of ammunition,” Lexington police detective Sean Stafford said.

Police say three students heard Felker make threats, and he admitted he made statements saying he would shoot up the school because he was bullied. The mother told police she was unaware of these threats.

“Ms. Felker stated that Timothy does have some anger problems but she could not see him being violent, and didn’t feel like he would harm anyone else,” Stafford said.

Felker was not prohibited from owning firearms, and he had posted social media pictures displaying his AR-15. One of the photos showed a picture with a gun in his mouth.

After hearing court testimony, a judge decided to send the case to a grand jury because of probable cause.

Authorities were able to get a mental health petition Feb. 19 before stopping him at Blue Grass Airport when he returned to Lexington. This is when he went to Eastern State Hospital for an evaluation.

Court documents indicate police took a rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition from the student’s home.

Felker pleaded not guilty to terroristic threatening.