Protests stay small in Frankfort, other state capitals across country


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY/AP) – Police and National Guard troops are standing sentry at newly fortified statehouses as small groups of armed demonstrators gather.

In Frankfort, state police and guardsmen had blocked off roads to prevent access to the closed state capitol grounds.

Two armed protesters showed up to ‘speak out against government overreach,’ Victor Puente reports. Later, about a dozen armed protesters from a group out of Louisville showed up, chanted anti-police slogans and said they were there to ‘keep the peace.’

The increased security at state capitols ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration comes as authorities work to deter a repeat of the recent riot that overran the U.S. Capitol.

The scene in Frankfort was similar to those in state capitals and at statehouses across the country as of Sunday afternoon, as a few protesters gathered in some cities, including some carrying large guns. But streets remained empty around many other capitols.

Some protestors supported President Donald Trump, but others expressed general anti-government sentiments.

Though the FBI had warned of the potential for armed protests at capitol buildings, there were no immediate reports of violence Sunday.

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