LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Gas prices in the U.S. hit another record high. According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas nationally is $4.50

Here in Lexington, gas prices are closer to $4.30. This pain at the pump is causing delight for other transportation modes.

Lexingtonians are finding other ways to get around town. Some have opted for simpler modes of transportation like a moped.

Garrenn Wilson of Mopeds International said, “I think since gas prices have been up the prices for mopeds are high but at the end of the day when they get gas, gas prices are lower than what they would be for a regular vehicle.”

The cost is on average between $50 and $60 cheaper.

Mopeds International said the average driver spends more than $40 to fill up their car, while you’ll spend less than 10 for a moped, making them an appealing option.

Wilson added, “With some of our smaller mopeds you do not need insurance or a license plate.

Another affordable option is the city bus.

Lextran said city buses usually see between 4 million and 5 million trips a year, pre-COVIE-19. The pandemic caused a loss of about 1 million trips, but things have started to return to normal as COVID-19 infections decrease and gas prices rise.

Lextran general manager Jill Barnett explained, “We have seen people start to come back as people resume their normal daily routines as people are returning to the workforce and getting out and about more. We have seen that increase in ridership and we have all seen some increases as gas prices have crept up. Hard to know which is contributing or possibly both.”

Even though Lextran can’t 100% say the increase in riders is due to gas prices.  Barnett added the last time Lextran experienced a significant increase in ridership was 2008, which was the agency’s highest year for ridership. That was also the year gas prices hit record highs.