Red State BBQ owner says someone published fraudulent job listing in his restaurant’s name


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Many businesses are still struggling to fill open job positions, but not all job listings are real.

The owner of Red State Barbecue said during the pandemic, they’ve already dealt with people trying to use their business to file fake unemployment claims. Now, as people are starting to go back to work, they caught someone using it to try to steal people’s identities.

David Carroll said an employee of his took a call from someone asking about a cashier’s position they had seen on Facebook.

“The person that was handling this post, she was asking for a license and her Social Security number and a lot of personal information,” Carroll said.

He got in touch with the woman who put up that post, and when she tried to set up an online interview, he informed her that it was his restaurant and he realized that post was fraudulent. It has since been removed.

“I actually applied for a cashier’s position in my own restaurant,” Carroll said.

Earlier this year the FBI put out a warning about cyber criminals using fake job postings as a way to get people’s personal information.

The business had already had to deal with fraudulent unemployment claims. Carroll said they had half a dozen or so, including two on the same day.

“Two different people, claimed they had worked for us 10 years and we had no record, recollection or anything of them,” Carroll said.

He says it’s a good reminder for people to double check before they give anyone personal information.

“Anybody can be taken advantage of. And in the simplest way. You’re applying for a job and the next thing you know somebody has got your Social Security information, your driver’s license,” Caroll said.

Carroll said they are hiring but the best way for someone to do that is through their website.

The FBI says you should also beware any job application that asks you to pay money to be considered.

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