Road crews in Scott Co. prepare for round two of winter weather


We’re still dealing with effects from this week’s ice storm that has not only left roads dangerously slick but thousands without power.

In Scott County crews have been working tirelessly, only to wait for round two of this winter weather.

“I’ve been doing this almost 20 years it’s turning my hair white,” says Scott County Director of Roads J.R. Brandenburg.

In those 20 years, he says he’s seen back-to-back storms like this only about four times.

“It’s just a very challenging event and I’m fortunate to have the employees that I have that hang in there with me and do what we need to make the roads safe,” Brandenburg says.

Brandenburg says he’s worried about the fatigue of drivers. After days of putting down a thousand tons worth of salt and continuous plowing, they got roads in decent shape. Now, they have to do it all again.

Plus, Brandenburg says ice brings unique challenges. He explains it pulls tree limbs down, bonds to the roads, and takes a long time to clear even with the help of salt.

“It won’t react. You can throw it out there but you got to go back a few hours later and bust off the top lawyer and it was a challenging event, I’ll say the least,” Brandenburg says.

Brandenburg says it’s safest to hunker down at home. If you must get on the roads, before getting the green light, experts say to keep some things in mind. They advise watching your speed, filling up your car with gas, and bringing an emergency kit.

Luckily Brandenburg says crews have a salt barn fully stocked, so there’s no worry of running low on supplies.

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