LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Buses filled with supplies for western Kentucky hit the road Monday morning.

The supplies are part of a “Stuff the Bus” campaign involving school districts all over the eastern and northern parts of the state.

“The messages from them and just hearing the stories from folks that have nothing, basically, they lost everything other than what they had on their backs,” said Trisha Carroll, Kentucky Educational Development Corporation COO.

Each of the buses are filled with things like food, water, hygiene products, and toys. Bus drivers and volunteers from all over eastern Kentucky pitched in.

“Their Christmas vacations started last Friday so they are donating their time and giving their time to drive out to western Kentucky to deliver all these donations to the people who need them,” Carroll said.

Carroll said one district had so many bus drivers who wanted to participate that they had to draw names.

The mere sight of all of the buses traveling toward western Kentucky really is a sight to behold, but when you stop to think about what this means, all the buses filled with supplies that have been donated by other Kentuckians to help out those in Western Kentucky, it just adds that much more to it.

“There are no ‘me’s,’ there are no ‘I’s’ in all of this. It’s just a collaborative effort between the educational co-ops in the state, all the schools, and districts and individual folks just coming together to help those, show compassion and generosity at a time of need,” Carroll said.

Officials said they plan on sending more volunteers down in the coming weeks to help in the effort.