GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – The city of Georgetown and Scott County are one step closer to providing more resources and options for low-income residents and residents experiencing homelessness.

The Scott County Fiscal Court voted Friday to approve an inter-local agreement with the city to create a position centered on affordable housing and homelessness prevention.

More than 400 people in Georgetown right now are patiently waiting for housing assistance. It is a problem many organizations in the county are dealing with.

New home prices start at $240,000 and a search on shows the average 1 bedroom apartment in the area costs about $900. The price points make it hard for families to settle down.

Caroline Nickell with the Georgetown Housing Authority said growth in the county’s population has also caused growth in rental prices.

Nickell said, “With Toyota coming in the prices on renting I mean is just through the roof.”

The shortage of affordable housing has caused many people to end up without a place to stay at all. At Elizabeth’s Village staff there try to connect individuals experiencing homelessness with housing options, including at their shelter.

But the city is also lacking there. There are a handful of shelters only able to temporarily house about a dozen people at a time.

Kandice Whitehouse with Elizabeth’s Village explained, “Daily we’re getting phone calls for all 3 of our programs including the one we haven’t even opened yet, and unfortunately we’re not able to assist everyone who calls.”

The fiscal court approved a measure on Friday to hire a director of affordable housing and homelessness prevention. The added employee will strictly focus on the issue by looking for funding, resources, and options to improve the city’s current landscape.

Whitehouse continued, “Instead of relying on the small nonprofits to do work that really is large, and that one nonprofit alone can’t feasibly do it. So this will bolster the community and allow them to be able to access affordable housing options and kind of let the domino effect go with it.”  

Since Friday’s vote, the job position has been posted on the city’s website and the city is currently accepting applications through the close of business July 15. Those interested in the position should click here.